Table of Contents

  1. Name
  2. Objectives
  3. Membership
  4. Life Membership
  5. Officers
  6. Management Committee
  7. Duties of the Committee
  8. Meetings
  9. Annual General Meeting
  10. Special General Meeting
  11. Committee Meetings
  12. Match Rules
  13. Protests and Misdemeanours
  14. Appeals
  15. Finance
  16. Correspondence
  17. Dissolution
  18. Alterations to the Constitution
  19. Common Seal
  20. Public Officer

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  1. NAME

      (Referred to as the Association)

    1. The encouragement and advancement of Table Tennis.
    2. The arrangement and control of Inter-Club and Inter-Associations Matches
      and Tournaments, and all matters incidental.
    3. To purchase material, to hire, lease or purchase halls or any other property
      for the objectives of the Association.
    4. To decide all matters relating to Table Tennis which may arise between
      financial registered clubs or players which may be referred to the Association.
    5. To establish and maintain uniformity in the rules under which Table Tennis
      is played in the Association
    6. If passed at the Annual General Meeting, arrange affiliation of the Association
      with a selected body, formed for the purpose of promoting and controlling Table
    7. To delegate the management of any Championship Tournament or other match.
    8. To promote and conduct other forms of recreation and amusement for members
      of the Association.
    1. The Association shall consist of financial registered clubs. (Referred
      to as “Clubs”).
    2. A Club shall be a group of financial registered players (referred to as
      “players”) forming a team(s) (referred to as “Team”)
      to play in Association Competitions.A Club shall have paid to the Treasurer within twenty one (21) days of notification
      all fees as determined by the Management Committee.
    3. A Player is a person who has made a payment to a Club.
    4. A Player must produce evidence of being financial when transferring to
      another Club. Transfers must be approved by the Management Committee.
    5. Payment of fees by a Club implies acceptance of this Constitution.
    1. The Association may appoint Honorary Life Members (at Annual General Meetings)
      on recommendation of the Management Committee, from those who have rendered
      distinguished service to the Association.
    2. Life Members may attend any meeting of the Association.
    3. Life Members may only vote at Annual General Meetings or Special General
    1. The officers of the Association shall be:-President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Results
      Steward and the Junior Sub-Committee representative.
    2. The Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Results Steward shall
      be paid honoraria set at the Annual General Meeting.
    3. The Officers shall hold office from the conclusion of the Annual General
      Meeting at which they have been elected until the conclusion of the following
      Annual General Meeting.
    4. A Club shall not have any more than three (3) Officers at any one time.
    5. The Officers shall not act as club representatives, but may speak and vote
      at any meeting of the Association.
    6. The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all
      sub-committees appointed. When exercising such ex-officio membership, they shall
      not have the right to vote.
    1. The Association shall be managed by a Management Committee (referred to
      as the “Committee”) consisting of all officers and two (2) representatives
      (referred to as “Delegates”) from each club.
    2. In the event of the death of any member, the Committee shall declare the
      member’s office or position vacant and fill the vacancy.
    3. In the event of the incapacity of any member the Committee shall declare
      such member’s office or position vacant and fill the vacancy. Before declaring
      that office or position vacant the Committee shall give the member an opportunity
      of being heard.
    4. Any member whose office or position has been declared vacant shall be notified
      in writing within twenty one (21) days.
    1. Interpret and abide by this Constitution.
    2. Carry out the objectives of the Association.
    3. Convene all meetings.
    4. Determine the headquarters of the Association.
    5. Accept or reject a Club’s application for membership.
    6. Determine levies, subscriptions and refunds.
    7. Specify the conditions of Player’s registration and transfer.
    8. Appoint or replace delegate(s) to represent the Association
    9. Make, amend or alter rules for competition, tournament or other event.
    10. Permit or prohibit a club from holding competition, tournament or other
    11. Control funds of the Association.
    12. Decide all protests.
    13. Appoint an auditor to audit all accounts and Financial Statements of the
    14. Appoint or replace any person(s) to conduct Special Audits for or on behalf
      of the Association.
    15. Appoint referees, umpires and selectors.
    16. Expel, disqualify, suspend, fine or re-instate any Player, Team or Club.
    17. Permit or prohibit transfers of Players between Clubs.
    18. Declare any Player or Club un-financial.
    19. Fill any vacancy in the Committee.
    20. Appoint sub-committees.
    21. Act upon any report presented by any sub-committee.
    22. Deal with any other matters concerning the Association.
    1. The President or the Vice President shall be Chairperson. In their absence
      a person elected from the Committee members present shall be Chairperson.
    2. Each member of the Committee shall have one vote except the President who
      shall have a casting vote only.
    3. Two thirds (2/3) of the Officers and twp thirds (2/3) of the Delegates
      shall form a quorum.

      1. In the event of a meeting lapsing for want of a quorum, a further meeting
        shall be called.
      2. In the absence of a quorum at that Meeting those present have the power
        to act upon the business, provided all Officers and Clubs have been notified
        of the abandonment of the previous meeting.
    4. The following motions may be dealt with without notice:-
      1. to elect a Chairperson (Subject to Clause 8.1)
      2. to adjourn.
      3. to amend
      4. to give a vote of thanks
      5. that “The question be now put”.
    1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held. Officers, Delegates and Life Members
      shall each have a vote.
    2. The date shall be set annually by the Committee.
    3. Officers, Club Secretaries and Life Members shall be notified in writing
      at least twenty one (21) days prior to the meeting.
    4. The Agenda shall include:
      1. receiving of Annual Reports and Financial Statements.
      2. any business submitted by the Committee.
      3. any other business (which requires fourteen (14) days notice to the Association
      4. election of Officers by Secret Ballot.
    5. Any office(s) vacant at the close of the Annual General Meeting shall be
      filled by the incoming Committee.
    6. If less that two thirds (2/3) of the offices are filled, the immediate
      past Committee shall adjourn the Annual General Meeting, and

      1. the Annual General Meeting shall be re-convened within twenty one (21)
        days where nominations from Clubs shall be acted upon.
      2. matches or events shall not be programmed until the officers are filled.
      3. if the offices still remain vacant, a Special General Meeting to dissolve
        the Association shall be called.
    7. All Clubs shall hold their Annual General Meeting prior to the Association’s
      Annual General Meeting.
    1. Special General Meetings may be called as required by the Committee.
    2. A Special General Meeting shall be convened by the Association Secretary
      or President upon request, in writing, from three (3) Clubs.
    3. Officers, Clubs and Life Members shall be given twenty one (21) days written
      notice stating the business of the meeting.
    4. Voting powers shall be the same as for Annual General Meetings.
    1. Only Officers and Delegates shall be entitled to vote on any motion.
    2. Voting shall be kept by show of hands unless a Committee member requests
      a secret ballot.
    3. If a Club does not have a Delegate at two (2) consecutive Meetings, the
      Committee shall call upon the Club to ensure future attendance.
    1. The Association shall have rules for competition. (Referred to as “Match
    2. Any proposed changes in Match Rules shall be notified to the Association
      Secretary at least twenty one (21) days prior the date of the next scheduled
      Association Meeting. The Secretary shall then notify Club Secretaries.
    3. Match Rule changes require a majority vote of the Committee.
    1. Protests must be lodged in writing with the Association Secretary within
      forty eight (48) hours of the disputed match, event or other matter.
    2. The Association Secretary shall call a Committee meeting within eight
      (8) days of receipt of the protest to act upon it.
    3. All Officers, Clubs and the Players involved shall be sent a copy of the
    4. Any Player, Team or Club found guilty of wilfully or negligently misleading
      the Committee or not abiding by any directives of the Committee may be expelled,
      disqualified, suspended, fined or otherwise dealt with.
    5. A Committee meeting shall be called to deal with misdemeanours within
      fourteen (14) days of the alleged offence.
    6. All Officers, Clubs and players involved shall be sent details of the
      offence and the date of the Committee meeting at least eight (8) days prior
      to the meeting. Two delegates from the Club together with those involved may
      attend the meeting for the purpose of answering the charge or matters.
    7. Any Player, Team or Club which is expelled, disqualified or suspended
      shall lose all rights and privileges.
    8. Any expelled, disqualified or suspended player shall not act as an Officer.
    9. Any Player, Team of Club expelled, disqualified or suspended, shall make
      application in writing to the Committee before again being admitted to the Association.
    10. Fees shall not be refunded to any Club which has been expelled, disqualified
      or suspended.
    11. Any Club expelling, disqualifying or suspending a Player shall forward
      all particulars to the Association Secretary within eight (8) days.
    1. Any Player, Team or Club expelled, disqualified or suspended may appeal
      to the Committee within fourteen (14) days of being notified in writing, subject
      to conditions provided.
    2. An appeal shall only be heard if notice in writing, setting out grounds
      for appeal and deposit of the fee set a the Annual General Meeting, is lodged
      with the Association Secretary within fourteen (14) days of notification.
    3. The Committee may dismiss, vary, modify or reverse their previous decision.
    4. If the Committee finds an appeal frivolous, the deposit shall be forfeited.
    5. The decision of the Committee on an appeal shall be final.
    1. The financial year of the Association shall end at least twenty one (21)
      days before the Annual General Meeting.
    2. Account(s) in the Association’s name shall be opened and operated
      with an approved financial institution.
    3. Accounts may be operation by any two (2) of the following Officers:-President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    4. Between Committee meetings, operators of accounts may spend or incur expenses
      up to the amount set at the Annual General Meeting.
    5. Payments for expenses incurred shall be submitted at the next Association
      Committee Meeting.
    6. Payments or Expenses must be approved by the Committee before the operators
      can incur further expenses.
    7. Any operator shall be reimbursed by the Association for any personal loss
      due to operating the accounts, except where such loss is the result of their
      personal negligence or default.
    8. The Accounts shall be audited between the end of the financial year and
      the Annual General Meeting or presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
    1. All correspondence, documents or other matters addressed to the Association
      shall belong to the Association.
    2. Correspondence between the Association and the Clubs shall be directed
      through their respective Secretaries.
    1. The Association shall only be dissolved at a Special General Meeting convened
      for that purpose. Two thirds (2/3) of the Officers and two thirds (2/3) of the
      Delegates entitled to attend the meeting shall for a quorum.
    2. A resolution to dissolve must be carried by at least two thirds (2/3)
      of the vote recorded.
    3. The funds and assets of the Association at the time of dissolution shall
      be converted into cash, or valued as cash, and divided rateably and according
      to the respective fees paid into the Association by each Club through out the
      most recent financial year.
    1. Alterations to the Constitution shall only be made at Annual General Meetings
      or Special General Meetings convened for that purpose.
    2. Proposed Constitution alterations must be notified in writing to the Association
      Secretary at least twenty (21) days prior to the meeting.
    3. Any alterations to the Constitution require a two thirds (2/3) majority
      of the vote recorded.
    4. Alterations to the Constitution must be registered with the relevant Government
      body within the time stipulated by that body.
    1. The Committee shall provide a Common Seal of The Association inscribed
      as required by “The Associations Incorporated Act, 1985” and shall
      provide for safe custody.
    2. The Common Seal shall not be affixed to any deed or instrument without
      the resolution of the Committee.
    3. All instruments requiring the authentification of The Association shall
      be sealed with the Common Seal and countersigned by two of the sealholders and
      the Secretary in the following form:-“The Common Seal of North East Hills Table Tennis Association Incorporated
      was hereunto affixed on the ……………………………………
      of ……………………………………..

      by the authority of a resolution passed at a Meeting of the Committee held on

      of…………………………………….. and
      in the present of the undersigned.


      Seal Holders



    4. The Seal Holders of the Association shall be the President, Vice President
      and Treasurer.
    1. The Association must have a Public Officer a (as required by “The
      Associations Incorporation Act, 1985).
    2. The Public Officer shall be appointed by the Committee as required.
    3. Changes to the identity or address of the Public Officer must be notified
      to the relevant Government body within one (1) month the date of change.