Enoest Simon started his playing career in our Association with the One Tree Hill club in 1958. Upon his retirement in the early 1960’s he moved to Modbury North and joined the Para Vista/Modbury club where he stayed until the club disbanded in the early 1980’s. Enoest was both a life member and patron of Para Vista/Modbury club where he was held in high regard for his sportsmanship and conduct both on and off the table. Clubs who played against him also held him in the same high esteem.

When Para Vista/Modbury disbanded they gave our Association control of their remaining funds on the understanding that:-

  1. an annual perpetual trophy be presented and to be known as “The Enoest Simon Award”;
  2. the criteria for this award was to be sportsmanship, dress and good conduct both on and off the table – the very qualities that Enoest displayed at all times;
  3. the voting for this trophy was to be done by the captain of each team and recorded on the scoresheet.

Enoest today lives quietly in Surrey Downs but still has a keen interest in the affairs of our Association. In recent years, when his health has allowed, he has personally persented the trophy which bears his name.


Melva Neale was a foundation member of Golden Grove Table Tennis Club. Melva served her club in various positions including Secretary and President. She also served the Association in various positions, including President of the Junior Committee.
Her great love was the development and promotion of juniors for which she worked tirelessly. All her children and many of her relatives came through the juniors and played senior table tennis. The future of our sport lies in fostering our junior members.
This memorial award is given in recognition of special effort on behalf of juniors.


Ted Hameister was a founder of the Houghton Table Tennis Club in 1957. Ted was Club President for nineteen years before moving to Albany in Western Australia. He was a Club Patron up to the time of his death in 1983. He was also a life member. Ted played all his table tennis in ‘D’ and ‘E’ grades where he was liked and respected for his sportsmanship and friendliness.
The Houghton Club named its Hall ‘The Ted Hameister Recreation Hall’ in his honour in 1978. The first ‘Hameister Medal’ was awarded in 1984.

Award Recipients